Tooth Bonding in Torrensville

Bonding is a technique that is used to treat irregularities in tooth structure.

The tooth is prepared by etching with a special gel. The surface is then painted with a special bonding agent that is activated by the use of a curing light. A putty like resin which is colour matched, is then moulded onto the tooth and appropriately shaped. The curing light is used to harden the resin.

The new bonded tooth is then trimmed and polished

Advantages of Bonding:

  • tooth preparation is not normally required
  • only one visit usually needed
  • excellent colour match possible
  • a bonded surface can be repaired in the mouth
  • bonding can be a good conservative , temporary measure if more permanent treatment is planned for later.

Disadvantages of Bonding

  • the bonded resin stains
  • chipping or breaking can occur