Fissure Sealants in Torrensville

The application of fissure sealants is designed to preserve the integrity of your child’s permanent teeth. As soon as your child starts having permanent teeth, which usually occurs between six and seven years, it is recommended to assess the teeth for the need for fissure sealing . This depends on the morphology of the tooth, and the dentist will assess the teeth and make the appropriate recommendation.

Fissure sealants are a good strategy for children for several reasons:

  • It can assist in the prevention of decay
  • It allows children to adapt to having dental care and highlights it can be painless and simple
  • It puts the emphasis on prevention rather than disease control.

Quick and painless application

The back teeth are prepared  to accept the sealant, so it will form a strong bond with the tooth and penetrate down into the fissure.

The sealant is applied carefully onto the tooth in droplet form where it is set in a few seconds. The whole procedure is incredibly simple and once completed,  your child will not notice any difference in movement or sensation.

The sealant provides a smooth surface which does not capture food and is much easier to clean with normal toothbrushing.

It is totally pain free!

Any procedure which can help avoid the anxiety and discomfort of fillings, particularly in children, is an excellent proposition. The quick and simple nature of pit and fissure sealants is attractive and can help give children healthy teeth for life.

Although sealants last for years, some will need replacement over time.