Teeth Whitening in Torrensville

Bleaching can be safely used to lighten teeth that are stained or discoloured. It is a safe procedure when it is done by a qualified dentist.

A dental check-up is essential to ensure suitability. The dentist will check for such things as:

  • any decayed or damaged teeth that may require sealing before the bleaching procedure.
  • any plaque and calculus deposits which must be removed
  • the gums and mouth tissues are healthy and free from disease

There are two types of Bleaching procedures

1. Take Home Whitening

  • This utilizes high potency gels with custom made moulded trays, specially made to fit your teeth.
  • The tray holds the bleaching gel close to the teeth, preventing the gums from coming into contact with it. The tray is worn from 30 – 45 minutes a day with gradually lightening of the teeth. The daily bleaching process can continue until you are happy with the extent of whitening.


2. ZOOM! In Office Whitening

  • In just one visit, you can receive the most advanced whitening   technology which can lighten your teeth while you relax!
  • The lips and gums are carefully protected, the teeth are covered with a high concentration of whitening gel and a high intensity light is shone onto the mouth. The bleaching session takes just over an hour.

Zoom! delivers dramatic results with whiter, more radiant smiles.

Only your dentist can get your teeth to their whitest !