Have you ever been to the dentist and been told “You should have your wisdom teeth out!”?

Now that your wisdom teeth need to be removed, choosing the right dental professional to deal with wisdom teeth removal is the first step. There are a few considerations to decide on and sometimes you cannot put off your wisdom teeth removal as it may become a serious issue with infection.

Are you anxious? Would you like to make sure you don’t feel anything during the procedure, then why not consider intravenous sedation in the surgery? Dental Matters in Adelaide provide the option of sedation (sleep) dentistry so that the procedure can be smooth and easy for you.
It is so simple, you go in and the next thing you know they are waking you up because they are done. Don’t remember falling asleep, don’t remember them doing anything. You are out like a light in 4 seconds and stress-free. Of course it’s a little odd not having any memory of it, but those who have had it, love it !

Dr Elizabeth Chryssidis and Dr Sara Li, are both able to provide intravenous sedation for your comfort. They find it particularly helpful for the removal of wisdom teeth. The procedure is easier, there is less bleeding, and the healing time is much quicker.

When some impacted wisdom teeth need removing, general dentists sometimes recommend a general anaesthetic. Unfortunately, this can involve the cost of Day Surgery or a Hospital stay. If you are a patient who does not have private health cover this can be an expensive exercise.
Fortunately at Dental Matters we can offer intravenous sedation in-house for pain free dentistry without fear. Therefore, in many cases your wisdom teeth can be removed without incurring the high costs of a hospital visit.

Dental Matters can perform all procedures in dentistry under sedation, including the removal of wisdom teeth. Though in some serious cases an oral surgeon may need to be recommended. Dental Matters will first provide a full examination and consultation of your dental health, and discuss all of the options available for you.

Dental Matters in Adelaide can provide expert advice and a comforting sedation for your wisdom teeth extraction with our highly skilled dental surgeons ensuring your full comfort and a speedy recovery.