Teeth Whitening for Adelaide Smiles

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A whiter, brighter smile is easier than you think!

Whitening your teeth can improve your appearance giving you the confidence to smile!
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What does teeth whitening involve?

Teeth whitening involves the use of a bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide, which is applied to the teeth. You have the option either under supervision in the dental chair or in a take home formula with instructions by your dentist or hygienist in Adelaide. Special trays (stents) are made to hold the agent to the teeth the amount of time these trays are worn depends on the type of staining and whitening method used.

Teeth whitening Methods

There are 4 main tooth whitening methods, and the stronger the bleach, the greater the need for supervised application and the quicker the process.
  • Toothpaste for surface stains
  • Bleach trays for home-use peroxide gel
  • Very strong bleach gels under very controlled conditions, and accelerated with a laser source
Teeth Whitening Adelaide

We have the latest technology Laser to whiten your teeth.

At Dental Matters in Adelaide, we use a stronger whitening agent and laser. The teeth whitening process takes approximately one hour in the dental chair; and the results are achieved within this time.
We offer advanced laser teeth whitening with our top of the range laser, which means virtually all types of stained teeth can be treated and will appear whiter and brighter than ever before.
With our advanced teeth whitening technology in Adelaide city, you can spend one hour and walk away with a whiter, brighter smile. We also give you a take home bleach kit which is also used for one week for half an hour a night so you can achieve the best results.
With our laser teeth whitening by Dental Matters in Adelaide, the proof is in the results as with any teeth whitening system, also you will see results in as little as twenty minutes. All this adds up to fast teeth whitening and no tooth or enamel damage. Laser uses a single wavelength of light is much more targeted with its interaction with dental tissue.This unique method means virtually all types of stained teeth can be treated.

The Facts about Whitening Toothpaste

This could be beneficial for removing new surface stains that develop from tea, coffee, and tobacco or plaque build-up. These tooth pastes only remove surface stains; they do not change the colour of the teeth.  Some whitening tooth pastes (especially marketed for smokers) are more abrasive than others and can potentially cause damage to the teeth, these should be avoided.
Adelaide Teeth Whitening

Some Teeth Whitening limitations

  • Some people experience sensitivity during bleaching, this goes away after the whitening process. You can use sensitive tooth paste to reduce the discomfort.
  • People who already have sensitive teeth may not be suitable for whitening.
  • You may need to replace old fillings or crowns as they will not lighten and the colour difference may become more noticeable.
  • Some teeth may not whiten evenly.
  • Irritation of gums can sometimes occur if whitening agent is not placed correctly.
  • Sometimes the desired result is not achieved.