Dental fillings in Adelaide

A tooth needs a filling when it has decay, is broken or the current filling is failing because it has cracked or the tooth has developed decay around it. Dental decay occurs when acid produced by certain types of bacteria destroy the enamel and the dentine. If left untreated it will get worse and can [...]

Oral Health – General Health

Oral health: A window to your overall health Your oral health is more important than you might realise. Here are the facts about how the health of your mouth, teeth and gums can and they affect your general health. Did you know that your oral health can offer clues about your overall health or that [...]

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Dental amalgam and why dentists still use it

Dentists and patients today have several choices when it comes to selecting materials for fillings. Nevertheless, this does not eliminate the appropriateness of traditional dental materials such as amalgam, which is strong, durable and less expensive. Resin is a popular filling material due to its aesthetic properties, however the life span of a resin filling [...]


A mouthguard at play keeps the injuries at bay

Wear a mouthguard at play to keep the injuries at bay One of the most common causes of dental injury are caused by sporting accidents. Thousands of people every year, including children are treated for dental injuries that could have been minimised or even avoided if they had worn a custom-fitted mouthguard. Did you know? [...]


Wisdom teeth removal & Sedation Dentistry

Have you ever been to the dentist and been told “You should have your wisdom teeth out!”? Now that your wisdom teeth need to be removed, choosing the right dental professional to deal with wisdom teeth removal is the first step. There are a few considerations to decide on and sometimes you cannot put off [...]


Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Teeth - Not so Wise Welcome to the Dental Matters wisdom tooth information page, where you’ll find information about wisdom teeth treatment and wisdom tooth removal. You might be forgiven for thinking that all your dental problems are over once you have reached your late teens or early twenties as long as you practice [...]


Kids Dental First Aid

Accidents happen and are sometimes unavoidable. However, you can minimise the impact of the dental trauma by following these tips. Cut or Bitten Tongue, Lip or Cheek For any injuries that result in bleeding, apply direct pressure to the injured area with a clean cloth or gauze pack to control the bleeding. However, if bleeding [...]


We recommend fissure sealants for children

The application of fissure sealants is necessary to preserve the integrity of your child’s permanent teeth. As soon as your child starts having permanent teeth, which usually occurs between six and seven years, it is recommended that sealants be applied. At this time, it is important that you bring your child regularly to the dentist. We will be able to identify teeth that need to be sealed as well as check up on those that are already protected. Although sealants last for years, some will need replacement over time. While fissure sealants will help prevent tooth decay, your child must continue practicing proper oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing will remove any food stuck in between teeth. […]


Is sedation dentistry safe?

Many people are incredibly nervous when visiting the dentist, then the safety of sedation becomes another concern. We are particularly sympathetic to "dental phobics", we care and have empathy for our Adelaide patients. Our principle dentist Dr. Elizabeth Chryssidis is a specialist in sedation dentistry, so we can provide safe sedation dentistry for people who [...]


International Woman’s Day Greek Function

Dr Elizabeth Chryssidis was the guest speaker for the International Woman’s Day Greek Function which was held at the Olympic Hall on Friday Night. Following on from that she was asked to be interviewed on the Greek radio station 5EBI-FM regarding dental health. Many people were surprised that mints that freshen your teeth which contain [...]


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