Adelaide Laser Dental Treatments

Laser Dental Treatments, all part of our gentle, dental care

For your comfort and convenience Dental Matters in Adelaide has a top of the range soft tissue laser! We are very excited about this progression in our clinic.

Laser Periodontal Treatments

Affecting almost everyone at some stage in their life, periodontal disease is also known as gum disease.

At Dental Matters, the laser is used to decontaminate the sight of periodontitis. The laser seeks out and destroys the bacteria that are causing the disease. Using the laser technology the bad infection tissues are removed with greater accuracy, ease and almost painlessly. This removal allows access to the roots that are infected for thorough cleaning of tartar or calculus and the removal of the infected cementum (gum tissue).

The laser promotes healing with minimal scarring or swelling, this means there is reduced discomfort after any soft tissue procedure.

Laser therapy treatment is more efficient because the root surfaces become easily visible, there is almost no bleeding and an observable decrease in post treatment pain and tooth sensitivity. This means that with the Dental Matters Laser method of periodontal therapy, the chances are you will have less time in the chair and greater gentle comfort.

Laser Oral Surgery

Laser works by delivering energy in the form of light. When used for surgical procedures, the laser acts as a cutting instrument for the tissue that it comes in contact with, thus eliminating the need for dental drills and other instruments.
  • less pain, less anaesthetics, greater comfort
  • almost no gum swelling or throbbing
  • decrease in post treatment bleeding
  • no reactions to heat or cold afterwards
  • wounds heal faster and tissues can regenerate
  • decreased discomfort