Health Funds

As a ‘private dental clinic’ we are very concerned about the direction of dental health funding in Australia, and the increasing domination of the profession by the Health funds. Some funds are forcing their members to see the health funds’ dentist of choice. We view the trend as a form of creeping nationalisation which will only have the effect of lowering dental standards. One of the purposes of having private health insurance is to have the option of selecting who you as the patient want to see for treatment.  Certain funds are stripping people of this right.

Over 50% of dentist in Australia are now so-called  ”preferred providers” or “contracted dentists”. Due to slick marketing, the dictating perceptions appear to be that ‘preferred’ or ‘contracted’ is somehow better. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Contracted dentists” are strictly regulated by the Funds as to what they charge. It is done under the guise of keeping costs down for the benefit of the patient. This cookie cutter approach to dental health sees the ‘preferred’ dentist simply not able to devote full time and attention to patient as it is simply not worth their while to spend too much time on a patient.

Dental Matters wholeheartedly disagrees with this approach.  We charge the ADA recommended fee for our services and as a provider will continue to provide benchmark dental care to our patients.

We acknowledge that in some instances you as a patient may receive a higher level of rebate if you operate through a contracted dentist.   We realise that times are tough and some people are price driven. Hence they will make a decision about their dental care purely based on the level of rebate they receive. However, we can advise you on how you can overcome this!  For example, we can recommend other health funds that will look after your needs as well, if not better than your current fund !

We ask you to understand that Dental Matters will not compromise or take shortcuts on your dental care. This philosophy has not changed in the thirty years we have been in business, as we are committed to high quality dental care.  We are here to look after your dental needs. We will be here to support you.

We thank you for your support.